Our Story

We are an Exercise Physiologist practice based out of the Blackwood Recreation Centre in Eden Hills. We are passionate about educating and empowering clients to reach their full physical potential. We value learning and want our clients to understand the WHY of what they are doing. When working with clients we take an evidence-based approach and consider each person individually. 

Meet the Team

Lia Button 

Lia has been working as an Exercise Physiologist for five years and is the owner of Reach Exercise Physiology. She has a passion for educating and empowering clients to learn about how their bodies work and what strategies they can use to improve their function and work towards their health goals. Outside of work she enjoys wake surfing on the river, baking, reading and spending time with her family and friends.  

Michael Tocchetti 

Michael has been working in the field for two and a half years and has a passion for helping people find the right exercise program to suit their lifestyle, goals and abilities. He advocates movement in any form and always emphasises incorporating elements his clients enjoy. Outside of work he enjoys playing soccer.

Why See an Exercise Physiologist?

Medical Knowledge

We have a good understanding of different medical conditions and medications and how they may impact your ability to engage in regular physical activity and can adapt an exercise program accordingly. 

Individualised Program

We will create a program JUST FOR YOU with your medical history, personal exercise preferences and capacity in mind. 

Access to Gym Facility

At Reach EP we have access to the well-equipped gym at the Blackwood Recreation Centre, where we do 1 to 1 sessions and group classes. 

Group Classes

Small group classes allow you to be more independent with your exercise program and to be in a community of like-minded people wanting to improve and manage their health. This allows you to access a more affordable but still supervised session. 

Hydrotherapy Group Classes

Hydrotherapy is a fantastic way to engage in an exercise program when you find it difficult to exercise on land due to pain. It allows you to move more freely and enjoy the benefits of warm water whilst you exercise.